Friday, April 20, 2007

Local 965 Officers for 2007-2008

AFSCME Local 965 held elections for officers, executive board, and trustees at the regular monthly meeting on April 19th. The following members listed below were elected to serve you for the upcoming year.

The Local officers have a deep sense of responsibility to the entire membership, and they work diligently to ensure that your interests are protected. They attend regular seminars and workshops, keeping up to date on the various issues, laws, and changes that have an impact on our members. The Local officers have an earnest desire to help our University employee members change things for the better, something we've been doing since 1963. They work for legislation to protect members' rights, and they articulate the needs and interests of University employees that are so often overlooked or ignored by administrators.

They are always available to answer any question, help with any problem, or assist in any way they can. The officers of Local 0965 firmly believe that the members are our first priority. You are not outsiders in our union business; you are our union’s business. We have given them an opportunity to serve us for the upcoming year, so please let them know how they can help you.

Canfield, Randy (Trustee-2008)

Hill, Paul (Executive Board-2)

Ferguson-Rivers, Fillan (Executive Board-4)

Jongewaard, Joni L (Trustee 2010)

Jordan, Lioneld (Delegate to Council 38)

McNully, Bruce W (Treasurer)

Martin, Betty (Vice President)

Morris, Dwight (Executive Board-3)

Nance, Cynthia (Executive Board-1)

Sims, Theresa (Secretary)

Smith, Stephen (President)

West, Larry D (Trustees-2009)

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