Friday, April 30, 2010

AFSCME Spring Picnic

AFSCME Local 965 will be hosting our Spring Picnic on Sunday, May 2, 10:00am to 2:00pm, at the Gardens Main Pavilon on Razorback Road across from Faciities Management. Free Food!! Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Chips, and Drinks! Fun!! All are Welcome. Bring the Family!!! Celebrate the end of the semester and International Workers Day.

New Location for Picnic. This is where the Football Season "Hog Pen" is, south of Bud Walton Arena and north of Lot 56.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Officer Elections

Congratulations to our new officers for 2010-2011.
President Betty Martin;
Vice President Dwight Morris;
Treasurer Bruce McNully;
Secretary Theresa Sims.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Union-Made Easter Candy

Did you know Jelly Belly's, Peeps and Jelly Beans are union-made?

When you're searching for something for an Easter basket, why not buy union-made-in-America treats.

Here's a brief list of choices of candy products made by members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM); snack foods by members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW); or fruit and nuts from members of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW).

Hershey Products Necco (New England Confectionery Company)
Hershey Kisses* Sweethearts
Hershey Syrups Mary Jane Peanut Butter Chews
Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar* NECCO Wafers/Necco Wafer Smoothies
Hershey Milk with Almond Bars Sky Bar
Hershey Special Dark Bars Clark Bar
Hershey Nuggets Canada Mints
Rolo Candy Cupboard
Hershey Kissables Thin Mints
Kit Kat Bars NECCO Assorted Junior Wafers
Carmello Bar Clark Junior Laydown Bag
Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar Mary Jane Laydown Bag
Cadbury Roast Almond Bar Haviland
Cadbury Royal Dark Bar
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar Ghiradelli Chocolates
Hershey Symphony Bar with Toffee All filled & non filled squares

non pariels

Just Born Chocolate chips
Mike & Ike Gimbals Fine Candies
Hot Tamales JellyBeans
Peanut Chews Cherry Hearts

Scotty Dogs
Jelly Belly's Candy Company
Jelly Bellies - also made in a non-union plants in Chicago/Taiwan Nestle Treasures
Chocolate Dutch Mints Laffy Taffy
Chocolate Temptations Kathryn Beich specialty candy
dimples Baby Ruth*
Goelitz Confections Butterfinger*
Goelitz Gummi Pearson's Nips
Pet Rat Famous Old Time Candies (gourmet chocolates)
Pet Tarantula
Sweet Temptations Pearson's Candy Co.
Candy Corn Salted Nut Roll
Licorice Nut Goodie
Malted Milk Balls Mint Patties
Chocolate Coated Nuts, and Sours Bun Bars
Sunkist Fruit Gel Slices

Anabelles Candy Company
American Licorice Boston Baked Beans
Black & Red Vines Jordon Almonds
Strawberry Ropes Rocky Road

Sconza Candies Look
Jawbreakers Big Hunk
Chocolate Covered Cherries Abbazabbz
Chocolate Yogurt Nuts & Fruit

Kraft Orville Redenbacher
snack products popcorn

chips and snacks