Thursday, May 3, 2007

Even the UA Students Get It

The UA student newspaper, the Arkansas Traveler, published a front-page article yesterday with the headline: "Report finds equal pay for equal work still an issue at UA." The lead paragraph said, "On Equal Pay Day, April 24, UA Chancellor John A. White found out from the Arkansas Public Employees Union that pay on the UA campus was not equal at all. In fact, the union believes that there is some sort of sex discrimination present at the UA."

The student reporter noted , "
The Committee to the Faculty Senate revealed that there is an increasing gender-based wage gap among UA faculty members in positions ranging from instructor to professor. The wage gap for women is worst at the assistant professor level, which includes most hires within the last seven years."

There was no comment from Chancellor White or any Administration functionary. Neither has AFSCME Local 965 received any reply or explanation requested in the April 24th request to John White.

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