Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Bad Boss Contest

'I told my boss that I needed a day off to get married...and he told me to do it during my lunch break.'

Yes, folks, it's that time of year--time to find out just who has the worst boss in America. Is it you? Tell Working America and you could win a much-deserved vacation.

People like you work hard, all too often for little recognition or far worse. Like the guy whose boss made him pay for flowers the company sent when the employee's dad died. Unbelievable!

That's what Working America's second annual "My Bad Boss Contest" is all about. Share your worst bad boss moments, and you could win a weeklong getaway, miles away from your boss, airfare included.

Each week, Working America will post your stories on the Bad Boss website, and readers like you will vote for their favorites (make that LEAST favorites). Click here to share your story now.

Even if you're lucky enough NOT to have a bad boss story to share, you can participate by voting for your favorite stories or joining the community to discuss other workplace horrors. Share, vent and give yourself a chance to be recognized for what you face each day on the job.

Tell the world about your Bad Boss now. P.S. Don't worry. The contest is anonymous.

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