Sunday, September 2, 2007

This Date in Arkansas Labor History

September 2, 1919. Ozark coal miner T. J. Nelson killed when rock ceiling fell on him. Alix Coal Company denied any responsibility and contested judgment of $2,000 awarded widow and five children in Franklin Circuit Court.

September 2,
1935. Southern Tenant Farmers Union votes to strike for $1 per 100 pounds of cotton picked.

September 2,
1986. Three members of Local 2216 of the United Auto Workers union, injured while picketing against LTV in East Camden, file suit for damages against scab workers who drove cars through gates and rammed them.

September 2,
1998. Arkansas AFL-CIO pickets Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce seminar "Operating Union Free in the 21st Century" at North Little Rock led by Little Rock lawyer James W. Moore

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