Monday, October 15, 2007

What's In YOUR Budget?

What are your priorities?

Tell us by taking our survey on America’s budget priorities. Just click here.

In the next few weeks, President Bush and Congress will have a showdown over priorities. Democrats are pushing for badly needed investment in services such as veterans' health care, Head Start, cancer research and job training. Dedicated AFSCME members are instrumental in providing many of these and other vital services.

President Bush insists that we don't have the moneyeven as he continues to spend billions on the ongoing Iraq civil war. In fact, President Bush has vowed to veto legislation with these priorities.

Tell us what your spending priorities are for America by clicking on this link:

We'll use the survey results to make sure Congress stands up to President Bush and fights for a budget that reflects the priorities and needs of real peoplea budget that fully funds public services. Take the survey today!

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