Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jobs for America Now

The Jobs for America Now coalition assembled leaders from across Arkansas for a press conference in Little Rock to release the report, "Putting Arkansas Back to Work: How Investment in Public Services will Save Jobs and Grow the Economy." Together, they called upon Arkansas' congressional delegation to support pending job-creation legislation under debate in Washington D.C. The need for more jobs is critical in Arkansas, just as across the country.

According to this report, economists predict that without federal assistance to state and local governments with these budget shortfalls, 900,000 Americans could lose their jobs in fiscal year 2011, and three million will lose their jobs by 2012. Like dozens of other states across the country, Arkansas faces a budget shortfall thanks to the recession's under-anticipated longevity and depth. Unless Congress acts, Arkansans will suffer dire consequences.

On the steps of the State Capitol, Alan Hughes, AFL-CIO, Justin Nickels, AFSCME, Robin Roark, public school teacher, Rev. Steve Copley, Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice, Candice Smith, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, and Willie Holmes, Working America gathered to voice their concerns.

According to Robin Roark, public school teacher, "My name is Robin Roark and I'm the son of a Vietnam veteran, and the husband of a women in the service industry and the father of a public school child, and I'm also a public school teacher. I am pleased to join the call for a robust jobs bill, from our Senators and from our good folks in Congress. One that can help the state of Arkansas weather the current budget storm, and more importantly give back to our neighbors the sense of honor and decency that comes from earning a paycheck."

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