Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Organizing Nurses in Northwest Arkansas

Doug Smith's recent article in the Arkansas Times details the recent reaffirmation of union representation for the nurses at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center in Little Rock. The vote was 334 to 224 to keep the union. It was a big victory for the professional nursing staff, represented by United Health Care Local 22 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union.

Nurses at health care facilities in Northwest Arkansas also have an opportunity to organize for better salaries, benefits, working conditions, and respect for their important work. The members of AFSCME Local 965 stand ready to assist them in their efforts and to put them in contact with professional organizers from AFSCME Council 38 and AFSCME United Nurses of America.

AFSCME-United Nurses of America is over 60,000 nurses working in unity to advance quality and accountability in the healthcare setting through organizing, political action and nursing practice. Together, United Nurses of America members across the country are winning wage, benefit and other improvements such as prohibitions on mandatory overtime through strong collective bargaining agreements with our employers – and advocating for legislation and policies to increase health care funding, improve quality care, and institute safer working conditions and protections for nurses. Across the country, we are reaching out to other nurses who want to join AFSCME-UNA. As our numbers grow, so does our power to improve our jobs, the care we deliver and the quality of our lives.

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