Saturday, February 16, 2008

Health Care for Working Families

Poll after poll shows that working families view health care as one of the most important issues facing our country today.

But we know these polls only tell part of the story. We want to know more—more about how the health care system affects you and your family.

Do you and your family have health care coverage? Does your health insurance cover all the care you need at a price you can afford? Has an insurance company initially refused to cover a medical treatment for you or a family member that should have been covered? And what do you think overall about today’s health care system? How important will health care be to you as a voting issue this year?

The AFL-CIO's 2008 Health Care for America Survey gives you the chance to make your voice heard and ensures that leaders and candidates at every level understand what working families are experiencing.

All individual survey responses are kept completely confidential.

Click here to take the 2008 Health Care for America Survey.

Be sure to share your health care story and send the survey to friends and family.

The compiled survey results will be given to the presidential candidates, every U.S. senator and representative, every candidate for Congress and state and local officials in every state in our country.

Take the survey and tell us your story. In addition, read health care stories from other working people and get the “hot facts” on health care.

No one should go without health care. The 2008 elections will give us the chance to show that Americans are ready for real change. Working families can be a big force behind winning secure, high-quality health care for all by 2009 if we make the 2008 elections a mandate for health care reform.

Take the 2008 Health Care for America Survey today.

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