Saturday, February 23, 2008

This Date in Arkansas Labor History

February 23, 1915. Fred Holt, Secretary of UMWA District 21, writes from jail at Fort Smith to Eugene Debs that he and his comrades are doing the best they can in mining strike, but that the government is doing everything in its power to smash it.

February 23, 1931. Jim Fork Coal Company loses bid to overturn Greenwood District award of $900 to coal miner injured by falling rock after company ignored request for props for three days.

February 23, 1906. J. T. Thompson, a prominent farmer near Tillar, was taken into custody by Deputy United States Marshal Morton on a charge of olding plantation workers in peonage for a hearing before the United States Commissioner at Pine Bluff.

February 23, 1905. The Little Rock Baptist Advance, the state publication of the Southern Baptists, advocated only manual labor and industrial training for Negro workers, because the race "does not need the same schooling that the white race does."

February 23, 2006. United Steelworkers Local 1671 President Mike McClain says complaint filed with NLRB charging that National Wire Fabric plant in Star City was asking striking employees to cross picket line in exchange for promotions.

February 23, 1935. Rev. Ashton B. Jones kidnapped and beaten for supporting unemployed workers in FERA strike, Fort Smith.

February 23, 1935. Jennie Lee and Naomi Mitchison lead Southern Tenant Farmers Union march of 1,500 sharecroppers through Marked Tree.

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