Tuesday, March 4, 2008

National Student Labor Week of Action

We are a little less than a month away from what is shaping up to be an amazing National Student Labor Week of Action. This March 28th – April 4th, students will stand together with workers, faith allies, and community organizations in a week of actions and events across the country to celebrate the lives of Cesar. E Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Last week almost 30 campuses hopped onto our first national conference call and shared their amazing campus campaigns and initial plans on the week of action. Farmworker Justice, Affirmative Action, campus worker contracts and union drives, and living wages were but a few of the issues students are bringing to the forefront of the fights for social and economic justice in campuses across the country. We know that there are dozens of campuses that weren’t able to join us, and that’s why we scheduled a second national conference call for NEXT Thursday, March 13th @ 9pm Eastern. Hear updates and get new ideas on how to participate, and also get some amazing MEDIA TRAINING on our next conference call. If you’d like to learn more about the week of action or join us on the next national conference call, you can email slap@jwj.org.

Visit www.studentlabor.org to learn more about the week of action, download the organizing kit and get ideas on how to get involved, and learn about great national campaigns you and your peers can get involved in.

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