Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pay Raise Recommended for State's Classified Employees

Kay Barnhill Terry, administrator of the Office of Personnel Management, and and Andrew Bass of the Bureau of Legislative Research will ask the Legislature next year for $20.6 million from general revenue and an additional $26.1 million from cash fund agencies to enact recommended changes in the pay scale for state workers and to help cut down on turnover among entry-level workers.

Gov. Mike Beebe and state legislators have said they're concerned that entry-level workers are quickly leaving their positions for more lucrative private sector jobs and that turnover among entry-level employees is hurting productivity.

The pay plan now starts at $13,243 for entry level classified employees. Under the new plan, entry level employees would receive $15,080. "This will help offset so many inequities," Terry told the personnel subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council today.

It is a start. It is not a living wage. AFSCME Local 965 will continue fighting for fair pay for all University employees and other working families in Northwest Arkansas.

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