Monday, May 12, 2008

This Date in Arkansas Labor History

May 12, 1978. Court injunction ends strike by 124 AFSCME members unsuccessfully seeking change in unfair disciplinary procedures by City of Fort Smith.

May 12, 1958. Arkansas Supreme Court held that strikers who tried to get employer to recognize a union as bargaining agent are eligible for unemployment compensation benefits when not rehired.

May 12, 1986. Governor Bill Clinton signed workers' compensation legislation that increases benefits for injured workers, sets up system for mediation to reduce lengthy legal battles, and provides funding for job safety study.

May 12, 1989. Grant Thornton consulting firm estimates at the end of 1988, 27,408 people, or 12 percent of the state's manufacturing labor force, belonged to a labor union--down from 12.97% in 1987.

May 12, 1994. Federation of Metropolitan Teachers, affiliated with American Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO), announces it will challenge Little Rock School District's decision to eliminate 80 teaching positions next year.

May 12, 2003. Irena King, Mena Wal-Mart "Associate," fell and fractured her right wrist while walking from the bakery to the employee lounge. Wal-Mart said she was not working and fought against paying insurance claim for medical bills.

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