Thursday, December 4, 2008

How Are Things for You?

We want to hear from you. Please take our very brief member survey about the economic crisis.

In the past month, President-elect Obama has made signing an economic recovery bill his top priority once he takes office. AFSCME believes that aid to state and local governments must be a cornerstone of the economic recovery package that Congress and the new administration will put forth in the coming weeks.

We must protect jobs and the vital services AFSCME members provide. You can help.

How are you feeling about what's happening in Arkansas with you and your family? Where you work? Let us know here.

As public service workers, AFSCME members know first hand that when local and state government budgets are squeezed, services become harder to provide.

  • Rhode Island has cut health care coverage for 1,000 low-income parents.
  • New Jersey has cut funds for charity care in hospitals.
  • And Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are just some of the states where funding for K-12 education is being dramatically cut.
What's worse: The need for the services and programs that state and local governments provide continues to grow while their ability to meet this responsibility shrinks.

We're collecting information about how the state and local budget crises are affecting AFSCME members on the job and off the job. Please take our quick member survey to let us know.

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