Friday, April 17, 2009

Health Care for America Survey

THE ECONOMY IS NOT WORKING FOR WORKING FAMILIES TODAY—AND HEALTH CARE IS A MAJOR PART OF THE PROBLEM. Across America, families are making hard decisions between paying for health care and paying for other necessities and struggling with a system that is too often cruel and inefficient. As President Obama has said, "Health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year."

With health care reform front and center, it's important that AFSCME members make our voices heard in this critical policy debate. Take the survey!

As decision-makers at every level take up health care reform, it is urgent that they hear from working families about what you are experiencing. Please MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD BY COMPLETING THIS SURVEY, telling your health care story and encouraging your friends, co-workers and family members to do so, too. We'll share the survey results with national, state and media leaders.

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