Saturday, February 17, 2007

Arkansas AFL-CIO General Counsel Visits

Mark L. Martin, former member of AFSCME Local 965
and now General Counsel of the Arkansas AFL-CIO, spoke at our monthly meeting on February 15th to discuss legal services available to local union members. Martin said he is proud to have been a member of Local 965 when he worked at the UA Physical Plant in the 1970s and to have served on the Executive Board of AFSCME Council 38.

The Martin & Kieklak Law Firm is dedicated to representing working men and women throughout Arkansas and the United States who have been injured through the negligence of others. The firm's areas of practice include personal injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, labor law, asbestos and toxic tort litigation. "We support the ideals of the American Labor Movement, and we take pride in the fact that our law firm is 100% Union, OPEIU Local 105 (AFL-CIO),
" Martin said.

The Martin & Kieklak Law Firm is located at 2059 Green Acres Road, Fayetteville. AFSCME members can call for free consultation at
479-442-2244 or 1-800-633-2160 (toll free).

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