Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thank You Senator Madison

We were informed this evening that Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 361 is on the Calendar for Thursday, March 1. It removes the names of Senator Jack Crumby of Widener and Senator Sue Madison of Fayetteville as sponsors of this unconscionable legislation to reduce the state minimum wage to $2.13 for workers who might receive tips for service.

Senator Madison told the Northwest Arkansas Times that she did not know how her name came to be listed as a sponsor and that she had not signed onto the bill. We appreciate Senator Madison removing her name as a sponsor of the bill, and we urge her to lead the opposition to this anti-worker legislation when it comes before the State Senate.


Anonymous said...

It is good that Madison removed her name, but what about Rep. Marilyn Edwards? Has she sold out completely to the corporate interests? I would love to hear her explanation about how waitresses deserve to have their wages cut.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Edwards told the Fayetteville Chamber on Friday that she's staying put on this bill.