Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Local Democrats Join Opposition to SB361

We received an email today informing us that the Washington County Democratic Central Committee has unanimously adopted a Resolution opposing Senate Bill 361. The text of the Resolution says that the local party "supports the recently enacted increase in the state minimum wage, opposes Senate Bill 361 to cut the minimum wage for hourly workers, and respectfully requests that all Democratic state legislators support the interests of working families by opposing and voting against Senate Bill 361."

Working families and UA students who rely on the minimum wage to make ends meet each month are grateful for this expression of support from the Democratic Party. We would be even more impressed if local Democratic legislators Sue Madison and Marilyn Edwards would remove their names as sponsors and lead the opposition against this bill.

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Phalcon said...

Because of globalization, we need an INTERNATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE!

So called "free trade" agreements have devastated many workers and farmers of Central and South America.

Such agreements are nothing more than a tool for exporting neoliberalism and capitalism for the benefit of the multi-national corporations and bankers.

A recent report indicates that in the United States, the gap between rich and poor is growing ever wider:


For millions, health care is simply not available at all, and it is not getting any cheaper.

Workers of the world must act with one voice to correct social injustice, exploitation, slave labor wages, and the plunder and poisoning of the earth for the benefit of the few. And they must speak against the war machine that defends this criminal system of neo-colonialism in the Americas and around the world.