Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Community Service Awards for 2007

Lioneld Jordan, Community Service Committee Chair of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 965, today announced the winners of the Community Service Awards for 2007.

“Just as AFSCME faculty and staff at the University of Arkansas are in the public service, we appreciate and wish to recognize others who significantly contribute to improving the lives of working families in our local community,” Jordan said. “It is in that spirit that we are pleased to announce the annual Community Service Awards for 2007 and to express our deep appreciation for these individuals who make a difference. In different but important ways, each has done much to make our community stronger, and our lives are richer for their public service. We congratulate them, and we thank them.”

Electronic Media: Richard Drake
Community Access Television and Street Jazz Blog

Local Government: Nancy Allen
Fayetteville Ward 2 Alderman

Neighborhood Advocate:
Aubrey Shepherd
Branch Neighborhood, Fayetteville

News Reporting: Adam Wallworth
Arkansas Times

Opinion Column: Lowell Grisham
”Roots and Wings” in the
Northwest Arkansas Times

Public Education: John Colbert
Holcomb Elementary School

State Government: Lindsley Smith
Representative, House District 92

University Community: Bernard Sulliban
Non-Traditional Student Leader

Theresa Sims, Local Secretary of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees said the honorees will be presented with their awards within the next few weeks. Previous AFSCME Community Service Award winners include Doug Thompson, Jim Bemis, Jeff Erf, and Karla Bradley.

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