Thursday, January 24, 2008

This Date in Arkansas Labor History

January 24, 1931. Pulaski County Sheriff Blake Williams arrests Frank Brown and Dominic Zini in North Little Rock for "inciting a riot" by distributing handbills announcing a meeting of the United Farmers League.

January 24, 1991. Morrilton Plastics Products Inc. announces it intends to close its car parts plant at Augusta after only four years and lay off 160 union workers. The company had been given $675,000 in state and local corporate welfare as “incentives” to build and equip the Woodruff County plant in 1987. There were no provisions requiring company to pay back the taxpayers.

January 24, 1995. Wal-Mart "Associate" Patsy Woods sustains head injury when case of ArmorAll fell off high shelf. In 1998 Wal-Mart denied her any additional medical treatment for the injury, claiming that any further medical bills were unreasonable; Appeals Court finally order Wal-Mart to pay for the medical expenses in 2001, after delaying payments for thre years.

January 24, 1950. Chancery Judge C M Wofford finds 25 UMWA coal miners in contempt for violating injunction by picketing against open shop at strip mine operated by Utah Construction Company near Ozark.

January 24, 1949. After three years, Arkansas Supreme Court reverses permanent injunction against picketing by Local No. 98, Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union of America, Little Rock.

January 24, 1923. Legislative investigating committee concludes that C E Gregor, lynched by committee of Harrison businessmen, had no part and was not involved in incidents related to damage of railroad bridges that had angered local businessmen.

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