Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Date in Arkansas Labor History

January 26, 2006. Arkansas Supreme Court rules injured sawmill worker Ricky Wallace is due Workers' Compensation for injuries suffered on the job. West Fraser South, Inc had delayed his medical payment four years by denying his claim and appealing the award since injury sustained at its non-union sawmill on February 5, 2002.

January 26, 1923. Dewey Webb, 18-year old boy, testifies in Little Rock before Legislative Joint Committee about being beaten by members of the "citizens committee" in Heber Springs for having expressed sympathy with union workers on strike over wage cuts by Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad.

January 26, 1925. Lessie Reed editorial in Fayetteville Democrat commends the Arkansas legislature for being among first three states to have ratified the proposed federal Child Labor Amendment, critiques the flawed arguments of corporate opposition, and urges resistance to forces attempting to rescind ratification in current session.

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